When I think of Vegas Life, I think Chris Cash. The music embodies the lifestyle of Vegas and always comes with the truth in his lyrics.

Mike Live (Host of Music & Talk Radio show, Dash Radio, XXL Station)

Chris Cash is doing what needs to be done for the city of Las Vegas, giving us our party lifestyle in music form. Trust me, if you don’t live here or experienced a true vegas night then you will be lost in the sauce, Cash’s lyrics and beats tie together like our spaghetti bowl and the streets of Vegas are listening!

Mr. BOB (Las Vegas Radio Personality, Host of the Nightshow on Hot 97.5 KVEG)

Always real and original, Chris Cash has stayed true to himself and to his music. One of the dopest storytellers, he always reps his city and that’s what I love when I’m listening to Chris Cash

Juicy Liu (Las Vegas Radio Personality, Afternoons on Hot 97.5 KVEG)